For many, maintaining a healthy weight is no small task. It requires rigorous sessions at the gym, bland meals, self-inflicted periods of starvation (I am looking at your intermittent fasting!), and at times, strange concoctions like cayenne spiked lemonade. No wonder people give up on diets so often!   Then there are the lucky few […]

Secrets of the “Effortlessly” Thin

It is likely if you read my blog, that you are familiar with the term “mindful eating.” I talked about it in this post: the 5 S’s of Mindful Eating. It is a way of eating in which we can practice mindfulness, two if not three times per day. It’s simple and does not require […]

Teach your Child to Eat Mindfully

If you read women’s magazines or attend yoga class, then you are most likely familiar with the term “mindfulness.” This ancient practice is becoming more and more mainstream as people realize it’s incredible healing power. It originates from Zen Buddhist philosophy and is the practice of being totally in the moment. If you are practicing […]

5 Ss of Mindful Eating for Weight Loss

I was in France this past weekend, celebrating my 10 year wedding anniversary with my husband. We stayed at the same chateau in which we were married and ate in the same restaurants where we hosted our rehearsal and wedding dinners. We enjoyed our favorite French foods and drank our favorite wine. It brought back […]

6 Ways to Eat & Live Mindfully Like the French

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